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Vehicle Details
Vehicle Types:
Car: Max 170 cm High, Max 13 cbm
Van Small:  Max 210 cm High, Max 18 cbm
Van Big: Max 245 cm High, Max 30 cbm
Truck: Max 420 cm High, Max 250 cm Width, Max 30.000 kg
Please notice that the Port Hamburg will check the dimensions after the vehicle has been delivered to the port. We have to charge you finally on the dimensions which have been confirmed by the Port. In case you got from us a pre invoice based on the type you have selected and the confirmation from Port will confirm other type we have to charge you other type.
Please be informed that the Port Hamburg will check as well the weight of your vehicle and will accept the vehicle only if the vehicle is not overloaded. The Port is accepting max 10% overloading. In case the vehicle is overloaded we have to take the vehicle imme. back from the Port and have to charge you with all this extra costs.
Loading Cars:
Do not load anything inside the car.
Loading Vans:
Front seats must be free. In case back is open to front seats, any loaded goods must be protected/lashed in that way that no cargo can come to front seats even not during the driver is using the brake.
Loading Trucks:
Do not load anything in drivers cabine.
If truck is loaded with other truck/vehicle the Port Hamburg will accept only if:
1) that both axles of the top loaded vehicle are 100% on the loading plattform of the basic truck down
2) that the top loaded vehicle is lashed/secoured as per Port Rules Hamburg
Technical condition Cars and Vans:
Everthing must be in working condition. Port will check and if brakes are not working, steering is not working, tyre is down, port will refuse to ship.
Technical condition Trucks:
Everthing must be in working condition port will check if engine is running, clutch is ok, brakes are working, steering are working, tyre is down, port will refuse to ship.
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